The Third War

Ranger Strikes out

Our ranger get’s ambushed by three goblins. He quickly dispatches them and notices their tracks and where they were heading. He carefully finds the camp, it appears to be empty and he discovers a map of adjacent camps (possible Dragonborn territory). He makes a successful dungeoneering check and successfully decodes the names of the leaders of those camps.

A rustle in the bushes lets our Ranger know he isn’t alone. He rushes out to face the threat and destroys the last goblin in the group. This goblin happened to have found a pair of magical shoes that he pried off a dead mercenary. The elf notices his footprints disappear when he wears them.

The Ranger then scouts the closest camp. The leader is apparently a goblin named Squee. He sneaks past a guard and into the camp, feeling kinda foolish the leaving the guard there he goes back and kills it. Then he goes into the mess hall. Immediately he try’s to explain his pretense but the goblins aren’t buying it and a pitched battle ensues, The Ranger is almost killed in this battle, having to rest in the camp after using all his healing surges.

Before the camp wakes up the Ranger is up again, he quickly dispatches a busy chef in the kitchen and finds a secret passage. It leads directly to the leaders cabin. He tries to question Squee but gets nothing but steel in his face. A very weak goblin he tries to kill but finds its wounds are regenerating faster than he can inflict them. Our elven ranger notices a ring on the goblins finger and focuses all his attacks on removing the arm, at a slightly disadvantaged roll, he managed to cut off the goblins arm, the body spontaneously combusted once separated from the ring, and the arm started regrowing the body like some monstrous troll. The elf removed the ring and watched the arm burst into flames and disappear.


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