Attrition has turned the land into a war zone wrought with adventurer’s usually equipped with unusual items that have been fabricated by the major factions and scavenged off battlefield after battlefield. The first war involved the great dragons of old, a balance had been lost in this world and they tried to make all humanoids slaves. A few elder dragons disagreed with this and thus the Dragonborn were formed on this world, with alliances with the humanoid races. The dragon born succeeded in ending the first empire of dragons. At the same time on one continent the dragon emperor’s and their slaves were being destroyed by their half-kin Dragonborn; on another continent an experimental warlock named Serious Solo opened a rift to the Abyss and demons started pouring into the world. In an attempt to stop them, the humanoids on that continent were forced into packs and eventually rebelled. The reversal of the demonoid rule led them to a cursed existence of half-demon, otherwise known as a Tiefling. The time of the Second major war was the initial conflict between the Dragonborn empires and the Tiefling kingdoms. The war raged across the globe, and forced many races to join sides or band among themselves in sovereign nations. Those that succeeded managed to rid their island of all other races and then the world fell into a magical cold war. The Dragonborn are rising to power again, and their borders are becoming increasingly guarded, the other nations are restless and keep pressing their magic users for more and more godlike magic in the event that war breaks out. As a result of the potential threat of another dragon dominated world, most other races have formed a universal alliance, allowing adventurers to go everywhere outside of Dragonborn territory. The few outside Dragonborn are usually disliked and very rare.

The Third War